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Terms and Conditions

  • MARCH - 2022 - Additional Note, due to the consistent wet weather the park may be very boggy and waterlogged in places. Please be aware of this before booking.


  • All dogs must be from the same household. (Except when booking the Meet friend Option) 

  • Liability – No responsibility will be taken by the land owner/s or organisers for damage or injury sustained to property, individuals or animals whilst using the field or on the property.

  • 10 dogs per session (please contact us if you own more than 10 dogs)

  • One vehicle only. (2 when booking Meet Friend option)

  • The park is NOT to be used by professional dog walkers. 

  • Please clean up after your dog and place bag in the bin provided. Don’t risk yours or others future use of the park by not picking up after your dog.

  • If you dog has been recently vaccinated or suffered from any type of contagious illness such as Kennel Cough/Gastro intestinal illness, please do not use the park for at least 14 days following the date of vaccination/illness has passed.

  • Any breakages or damage to the field will be paid for by the dog owner.

  • The field can only be used when booked and paid for Prior to arrival.

  • We recommend you inspect the field thoroughly on first use, to ensure that it is suitable for your own dog/s, fence height, proximity to farm animals etc.

  • From time to time there may be sheep or other livestock in the field opposite Poppy’s. Wherever possible please do not allow your dog to bark at the livestock.

  • There are water stations around the park so your dog/dogs have access to plenty of fresh water, if the bowls need filling then please do so but ensure the tap at the water station is off afterwards.

  • Whilst we endeavour to keep all fencing and ground in great condition please report any defects to us such as holes in the ground as soon as possible so we can correct them.

  • It is the responsibility of those using the field to allow enough time to unload their dog/s, use the field and get them back into their vehicles afterwards within their time slot.

  • Children under 16 years are welcome at the park, but must be supervised by an Adult at all times.

  • Please make full use of the park and hut, the hut has a notice with lots of useful information and hints and tips about dogs we hope you find useful.

  • Harsh handling, physical abuse or use of prong or electric collars on dogs, will not be tolerated

  • Please reverse into the park, to prevent churning/spoiling the groundwork. Always lock the park after leaving.

  • Please keep to the time slots precisely, to prevent congestion/blocking access etc

  • In an emergency please contact 07812984201 or 07901607663

  • **Please use hand santiser upon entry to the park


   Making a booking confirms that you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.

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